The last day of qualifications has started and for 22 pairs the doors of the group A final will be opened tonight.
The remaining 42 pairs will play in the group B final.

The Iberian connection of Antonio Palma & Juan-Carlos Ventin is leading the ranking (3678,00 imps), followed by Peter Bertheau (Sweden) & Gunnar Hallberg (England) (2227,00 imps) and the winners of the Cavendish teams, the Americans Vince Demuy & John Hurd (1987,00 imps).

Palma-Ventin were sold to themselves during the auction (5,000 Euros). Bertheau-Hallberg were bought for 12,000 Euros by a Swedish invester, while Demuy-Hurd were the second most paid pair (21,000 Euros).


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