Tonight is the Auction day!

Authorities, players, buyers, staff members will join our special Masters of Ceremony Zia Mahmood & Christina Lund Madsen (pictured above) at Le Meridien, room “Méditerranée”, at about 19:45.

A cocktail will be served.

During the Auction will be presented:
– the first 25 ranked pairs
– pairs ranked 26+ only in case of pre-auction

See the list of pairs

Minimum Auctions:
– Open Pairs: 5,000 Euros
– Juniors / Ladies / Mixed Pairs: 2,000 Euros

The auction will be broadcast live on our Facebook page:

Last year, the top bid was for Geir Helgemo & Tor Helness. The norwegian-monegasque pair was sold for 35,000 Euros. The second top bid was 30,000 Euros, for Agustin Madala & Giorgio Duboin. Geir & Tor are the top ranked pairs, thus buying them is obviously very expensive. Good deals often come from the outsiders : they are usually “cheap” and can provide an astronomic gain. That was the case of Nick Fitzgibbon & Adam Mesbur, winners of the 4th edition. They had to “buy” themselves for 5,000 Euros. By the end of the week, the amount turned into 134,500 Euros.

What is your guess for tonight? buy cialis edrugstore. Who would you “buy”? Comment this article to let us know!


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